Casting Call!

SantaOn December 9th, Santa will be coming to Harvest Hills South! 

We need volunteers – children and adults to be elves and help hand out candy on the Santa Ride!

If you are available please let me know by December 1, 2018, so we can finalize the event.

If you know anyone who would make a great Santa, PLEASE let us know! It will only take a couple hours of your time on Sunday afternoon. 

You will be receiving a flyer with the Santa Ride route on it shortly.

Make sure you have your camera ready and watch the joy in your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends as they see Santa!

Tell everyone Santa Claus is coming to

Harvest Hills South!

Recap of General Meeting

In case you missed the meeting, here is a recap, so you can participate in the Smoke Detector program.

Firestation 34 The Fire Fighters of Station 34 sponsored our meeting and it was held at their firehouse. Major TJ Reed spoke to us about fire safety for the holidays and the smoke detector program.

Last year 22 people died in household fires. Nineteen of them could have been prevented if they had active smoke detectors. Mayor Holt changed the smoke detector program where you used to go and pick one up at the fire station, take it home and install it yourself. He created this new program, to provide smoke detectors to the public at no charge and have the fire department come out and install them for you. The battery lasts 10yrs and no more changing the batteries twice a year! If it ever goes out the fire department will come back out and install a new one.

To take advantage of this program, you can call the main number of 405-297-3584 and tell them you want them to come out and evaluate your home for smoke detectors. They will set it up with the station and fire fighters will come out and evaluate your home for the number of detectors and install them for you! Please take advantage of this program. We want you all to be safe!

Several questions were asked and here are some tips.

If you have smoke detectors installed 10+ years ago, are they still good if you are changing the batteries twice a year? Possibly, but you would be safer if they changed them out for you. Technology changes and it is free for them to do it for you.

water christmas tree

They said to make sure you water your Christmas Trees regularly. When they get dried out, they can cause fires.

Be careful when frying turkeys. Do not put wet turkeys in hot oil. The water on the turkey will make hot oil spit and burn you.

Other questions that were asked.

What do you do if you are at a stop light and a fire truck comes up behind you? Do you run the light or let them around you? Answer: Look both ways go through the light  honking you horn. The fire truck will also be honking their horns.

How long does it take to respond to a call? They respond within 4 minutes! While we were there they received a call and seven of the fire fighters went out on that call, taking two of the trucks. All seven were in their suits, on the trucks and heading to the fire location within 30 seconds.

They were very excited that we came to learn about what they do. We are welcome to come visit them at any time. They also said that if you don’t know what to do about something, to call them or stop by and they will help you. If you need assistance with a medical issue like needing to check your blood pressure, stop by and they can help.

Thank you

Special “thank you” to all of you that donated water. They were extremely thankful!

water donation









Meeting tonight – Fire Station 34!

ReminderHHSNA General Meeting is tonight at 7:00pm and will be held at Fire Station 34 located on Council Rd.

You won’t want to miss it. You will be able to sign up for the new smoke detector installation program. Smoke detectors will be installed in your home for FREE!

It doesn’t matter if you rent or own your home. Everyone is eligible to participate!

Please bring a donation of water or Gatorade to help support our firemen!


We will also have the construction company who is working on the construction project on Council Road there to answer any additional questions!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Donations for our Firefighters

Since the firefighters at Station 34 are hosting our neighborhood meeting tomorrow (Thur November 15 @ 7pm), we would like to give back. Their most requested donations are bottled water & Gatorade. If you are able, please bring a donation of either or both to the meeting.

We appreciate your support & look forward to seeing everyone there!


Good morning everyone! I apologize that the newsletters are getting to you so late, but you’ll see them in your mailboxes today. It’s bitter cold out, be warm & safe!

Don’t forget we have our neighborhood meeting this Thursday at Fire Station 34! Come hear about fire safety, the free smoke detector program, & enjoy some Starbucks coffee to warm up!