Severe Weather Awareness

THINGS TO KNOW TODAY, sharing from the OKC Fire Dept

• There has been plenty of early warning about the possibility of severe weather today, including potential tornadoes. Now it is up to you to be prepared.

• There are no public storm shelters in OKC. Watch this if you’re not sure what to do when tornado sirens activate –

• Fire Stations in Oklahoma City are NOT public shelters.

• If you hear a tornado siren in OKC, it means that there is a threat nearby or approaching your location. Take shelter immediately!

• Hail is possible today – Do NOT park under bridges or overpasses. This causes a very dangerous traffic problem and delays first responders who are trying to get to people in need of help.

• Power lines down – Do not drive over downed power lines. Do not touch downed power lines or anything else they are touching (such as fences or cars). Stay completely away from downed lines.

• Do not drive into high water. If you can’t see the street below, you should not drive through it.

Day 2 – Dream Big Garage Sale

If you still have things you would like to donate, please bring them over or contact us & we can make arrangements to come pick them up.

We would love volunteers to help today!

Thank you to all the neighbors that provided donations! We have a great start to our ‘Dream Big’ fund! We even had people who didn’t find anything they needed, but still provided a donation to our worthwhile cause 🙂

Donate items to the HHSNA Garage Sale!

Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Garage Sale this Friday & Saturday May 17-18.

If you do not have enough for your own garage sale & would like to donate a few items, we are having a garage sale that will benefit the HHSNA “Dream Big” project. If you have anything you would like to donate, please let us know & we will work out a schedule to pick up or for you to bring by.

We are looking for volunteers to help run the ‘Dream Big’ garage sale being held at 8204 NW 79th St. If you are available any time Friday or Saturday, please let us know. Jaci could use help pricing & setting up since we know the hard-core garage saler’s will come early! Please email us if you are able to help!

Thank you so much to all of the neighbors that have donated to support this cause! We really appreciate your support.

Neighborhood Garage Sale May 17-18

The neighborhood garage sale is this coming Friday & Saturday May 17-18th. If you want to have one at your home please remember you will need a permit. The permit cost is $7 and you can apply for it online. A single permit is good for 3 consecutive days. The sale must be held between 8am-6pm at the address listed on the permit.

HHSNA will be advertising on Facebook, Nextdoor, our blog, email, & Craigslist.

If you plan on having a garage sale at your home please send us your address & we will compile & post a listing.

The Meadows, directly across from us on Wilshire, will also be having their neighborhood garage sale that weekend so we should have a good turnout having some of their customers as well. All entrances will have big banners.

Happy Monday!

Meeting & Elections TONIGHT!!!

General Meeting & Elections TONIGHT, May 9th, at Northridge Elementary at 7pm.

We have a guest speaker from Vincent Vacation discussing the do’s & don’ts of travel & how to get the best deals.

Elections will be held for the following positions: President, 2nd Vice President (membership), Treasurer, Block Captain Chair, & Secretary.

Don’t forget, we’re collecting school/teacher/office supplies for the school as well as any large paper bags for the Salvation Army.

And we have some great gift cards for the drawing after meeting/elections!

Elections & May General Meeting

The General Meeting will be held this Thursday, May 9th, at 7:00pm at Northridge Elementary. Our guest speaker will be Leia with Vincent Vacations! She will give us the Do’s and Don’ts of travel and how to find the best deals. Summertime is coming! We are looking forward to seeing you there!
The second half of the meeting will be electing officers for the following positions.

Odd Year Election Positions:

President, 2nd Vice President – Membership, Treasurer, Block Captain Chair, Special election for Secretary

This year we also have a special election for Secretary. If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please make sure you attend the meeting. I have included the responsibilities listed in the bylaws, for each position for your review.

President: Primary contact and public liaison for the association, signs checks, sets meeting agenda, preside at the meetings, chair the executive board meetings, facilitates the creating and monitoring of yearly neighborhood goals, responsible for maintaining social media sites.

2nd Vice President: Perform the duties of President in the absence of President and 1st Vice President, act as membership chairperson, receive membership application and relay membership checks to Treasurer, sign checks as required.

Treasurer: Receive all association money and pay association bills, keep records of checking account and bank statements, prepare checks for signature, report spending and bank balance at association meetings, executive board meetings and to the newsletter editor.

Block Captain Chairperson: Maintain a current list of Block Captains and alternates, communicate with Block Captains, distribute newsletters, flyers or any neighborhood information.

Open Position of Secretary: Keep and distribute minutes of the association and executive board meetings, keep archive of association documentation as appropriate.

Please consider volunteering for one of these positions. The more involved we are as a neighborhood, the better we can service you!