Severe Weather Awareness

THINGS TO KNOW TODAY, sharing from the OKC Fire Dept

• There has been plenty of early warning about the possibility of severe weather today, including potential tornadoes. Now it is up to you to be prepared.

• There are no public storm shelters in OKC. Watch this if you’re not sure what to do when tornado sirens activate –

• Fire Stations in Oklahoma City are NOT public shelters.

• If you hear a tornado siren in OKC, it means that there is a threat nearby or approaching your location. Take shelter immediately!

• Hail is possible today – Do NOT park under bridges or overpasses. This causes a very dangerous traffic problem and delays first responders who are trying to get to people in need of help.

• Power lines down – Do not drive over downed power lines. Do not touch downed power lines or anything else they are touching (such as fences or cars). Stay completely away from downed lines.

• Do not drive into high water. If you can’t see the street below, you should not drive through it.

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