January Neighborhood Meeting Recap

A recap of our January 17 meeting.

Our guest speaker was Jamie O’Leary from the 911 Communication Center. She provided great information & cleared up some misconceptions people have about calling 911. For instance, when you call 911 the most important thing you can tell them is your location. Teaching your children where they can find the address of their location is so important! Show them where they can find the address on a piece of mail, as simple as that & it can save lives. In OKC, the person taking your call isn’t dispatch. If you call 911 on accident please don’t hang up, stay on the line & explain that’s all it was. You won’t be in trouble, but they are required to call back all hang ups! Lastly, calling 911 in non emergencies is ok & most of the time they can redirect you as needed.

So many brought donations of teacher supplies, thank you!

We always needs more people to join our Neighborhood Crime Patrol! Classes at Hefner station are Feb 26 & June 11, attend a class & join our Neighborhood Crime Patrol!