Top Ten Reasons to join the Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association during the membership drive starting this week!


10. Very quiet and friendly community.

9. Neighborhood activities like “Neighbors Night Out”, Santa Sleigh Ride, Neighborhood Garage Sale, etc.

8. General Meetings with great topics and speakers – Neighborhood Crime Watch, Officer Bob providing Active Shooter Training.

7. Block Captains assigned to each street to bring neighbors together.

6. Social media sites like, Facebook and Newsletters.

5. Keep the entrances mowed, street lights and potholes repaired. We are getting Street Topper Signs to distinguish Harvest Hills South as an established neighborhood.

4. We started a Crime Watch and a Crime Watch Patrol looking out for you.

3. You have neighbors that want to get to know you! We are very friendly people.

2. The Membership Fees are only $30.00 A YEAR! Two ways to pay, PayPal or by Check!





The number one reason to join Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association

You live here! This is your neighborhood. Be proud of it and get involved!

Membership flyers will be distributed within the next week! We have two ways to pay. You can click on PayPal on the web site or you can mail a check to the address below!

Our goal is to bring our membership up to 150 members, so we can Dream Big! Join us!


Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.




school out

The schools are out for the summer and the children are playing outside. (I know hard to believe and that they may be still on their phones or games, but they are outside!)

Slow down and watch out for them. The speed limit in the neighborhood is 25mph, although we have seen several people who seem to be in a hurry racing through the neighborhood.

Please slow down……r2-125

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.



Membership Drive Starting Next Week!

Hello neighbors!

It is that time of year again to help support our Neighborhood Association.  The membership dues are only $30.00 a year. We are working on some “Dream Big Plans”, but we really need your support! The Association is open to all neighbors whether you are a renter or an owner. Please consider joining.

Your Association Board has been challenged to boost membership to 150 members for 2018! We have a way to go, so watch for the flyers coming and/or see the flyer below and pay today! We are currently at 60 members, so we are almost half way there! Join today and help us reach that goal!

Membership 2018

Please send us any of your “Dream  Big” ideas! We can accomplish more as a neighborhood than we can alone.

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.

Goodbye “Little Blue”

The city has officially retired its “Little Blue” recycling bin. The new green large-cart recycling program will start in early July. That means for the month of June there is no recycling pick up.

Some options for recycling in June:
-Take materials to Waste Management Materials Recovery Facility, 5519 NW 4th
– Place clean recyclables in your green cart to be picked up in July when the new program begins.

As for “Little Blue”, the city is encouraging residents to keep it & re-purpose it into something useful. Some ideas would be to use it as a raised bed planter as it already has drainage holes, check with the Central OK Humane Society & see if they could use some more, storage bin, craft container, laundry basket, or I’ve seen the city recommend using it a water balloon holder! If you’re not interested in re-purposing it you could always see if a neighbor wants it or simply put it in your large green cart for the city to pick up.

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Louie’s Lake Hefner

Public Information and Marketing – Zach Nash, City of Oklahoma City AGENCY
Update on Lake Hefner-area shooting (7:44 p.m. May 24):

There is no longer an active threat following a shooting this evening near Lake Hefner. Avoid the area of Britton Road and the Lake Hefner Parkway.

A family reunification center has been opened at the Lighthouse Center, 3333 W Hefner Road.

The media will be briefed as soon as possible at a news conference to be held on the east side of the freeway near Britton Road.

Meeting Minutes

Here is a copy of the meeting minutes that were sent via email yesterday. If you are not on the distribution, please respond to this blog  post and let us know to add you.

We had one door prize that was for EVERYONE! has provided us a promo code discount in the amount of $25.00 if you would like to purchase any of the door bells or security cameras. They have a lot to choose from.

Click on the link below to take advantage of the $25.00 discount. 

Use promo code 6HarvestHillsSouth.


Please join us at our next meeting and maybe you will win one of our door prizes! We look forward to meeting you!


Here is the meeting minutes summary of the General Meeting that took place last night May 17, 2018.

Active Shooting Training

We had an excellent session provided by Officer Bob Skalla on Active Shooter and Threat Awareness Training. We had 37 neighbors in attendance. It could not have come soon enough with another school shooting today in Texas. It is happening more and more. It is hoped that you learned some valuable tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe. We will be scanning a copy of the handouts and post an electronic copy on the Association website and our Facebook page.


Crime Patrol

Crime PatrolThe neighborhood voted to start the Crime Patrol. Twelve people have been trained by the OKCPD Hefner Division. Patrols started today. Be on the watch for vehicles with a flashing amber light and crime patrol magnetic signs on the vehicles. They are there to provide additional eyes for the police department. They will take note of things in the neighborhood, for example, if you forget to close your garage door they will call you to notify you. They will also report street light outage and any suspicious behavior.

Sign Toppers

We also talked about the Sign Toppers and the cost difference between multi-color with the wheat logo versus solid color. The board agreed to pay for the toppers to be installed by the city on all street signs within our fire grid. The city will also replace any damaged street signs while doing the installation of the toppers. We will receive new street signs where you are unable to read them (example 80th and Harvest Moon).


We have 51 paid members and will be sending out information soon for a membership drive. We need to increase our membership in order to meet the current obligations of the neighborhood. Please consider mailing in your payment of $30 or going to our website and pay via PayPal link. We need your support!Membership


Elections took place and the following people were elected as new board members.

President – Jaci Maguire

1st Vice President – Tom Maguire

Secretary – Becky Hahl

Social Media/Communications – Stephanie Hiemstra

Block Captain Chairperson – Lisa Ann Bergerthank you

We want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Sandy Payne, Lavert Mitchell, Linda Weston and Linda Allen for their dedication, hard work and support they have provided over the years to this neighborhood. They were responsible for providing this neighborhood with the Neighbors Nite Out activities, Garage Sale, Santa Ride, newsletters and all the other activities here at Harvest Hills South.

Door Prizes

Door prizes were handled out for The Garage Burgers, Toby Keith, ½ off Oil change at Firestone, Hefner Grill, Cowboy Museum, Art Museum, OKC Dodgers Fun Pack and Ranch Steakhouse. Pictures of the winners will be posted to the website and Facebook soon!


Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.





Meeting Agenda

Please come to Northridge Elementary School by 7:00pm tonight to take part in the HHSNA General Meeting sponsoring “Active Shooter Training and Threat Awareness” by OKC PD Officer Bob Skalla!

Officer Bob challenged us to fill the house, so bring all your neighbors!

Immediately following we will be electing new officers for the board for 2018. Your vote counts! vote matter

We also have some great door prizes! Everyone who has paid 2018 dues will receive an extra ticket for door prizes! You can pay at the door or by PayPal! It is only $30.00 for the year!


Look forward to seeing you there! Bring all your neighbors!

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.

General Meeting Thursday Night!

Meeting Agenda


Officer Bob – OKC PD to present “Active Shooter” Training. Learn “How to respond to an Active Shooter / Threat Awareness Situation” to be able to protect yourself and your family.

Officer Bob challenged us to “Fill the House” for this IMPORTANT training session.

Bring all your neighbors!

You won’t want to miss it!

Board Officer Electionsvote1

We need strong leaders to run for office. Several positions are open!

  1. President
  2. 1st Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Communications/ Social Media
  5. Block Captain Chairperson

Crime Patrol

Need your vote to be able to start the patrols. Officers have been trained and ready to go!

You must be a paid member for your vote to count.

You may pay your membership at the door Thursday night or, for your convenience, pay using the PayPal link on this site .

Door Prizes!

All paid members will receive an extra Ticket!door prize


A special “Thank You” to the following businesses for providing our door prizes for our meeting!