Reminder: Meeting Tonight

Neighborhood meeting tonight at 6:30pm at Northridge Elementary cafeteria.

Beth Crounse with the OKC action center will be there to discuss & answer all your questions regarding code enforcement.

Please bring office supplies to donate to the school teachers & if you have any paper bags that we can give to the Salvation Army food pantry. These donations are greatly appreciated!

Hefner Division (OCPD) open house, cops, conversation, donuts, & tours of the station.

Taken from Nextdoor….

Residents are invited to an open house at Hefner Division on Tuesday, March 19th from 6pm-8pm. We will have snacks for our guests and plenty of officers for casual conversations on any items of interest. Tours will be given and we will also have free gun safety locks, frisbees, stickers, and coloring books for the kids. Location is 3924 NW 122nd street- if parking is full in the front, pull through the back gate, it will be open!

March General Meeting

The March general neighborhood meeting is this Thursday March 14th at 6:30pm at Northridge Elementary School. We have Beth Crounse from the OKC Code Enforcement Office coming to speak to us. This will be very informative on learning what things are actual code violations & how to make our neighborhood a better neighborhood.

We will also be collecting office/teacher supplies for the school.

911 Communication Center

Just a short recap, Jamie O’Leary , from the 911 Communication Center personally invited Harvest Hills South to tour her facility when she spoke at our general meeting, in January. She wanted to show you how to use 911 and how 911 operates. It is paid by your tax dollars.


The 911 Communication Center provides support to not only the Police Department, but also the Fire Department and ESMA. 

If you missed the presentation and /or missed the tour, one can still be set up for you. Just let us know, we will provide the contact information to you. I think you will find it very informative. If you have children, teenagers or elderly, they all should go and listen to the presentation on how to address emergency situations; like when someone with a disability might be in the house.. 

911 no longer answers the phone “911, What is your emergency?”. Due to the majority of the call volume today is reported from cell phones, they now answer the phone “911, Where is your Emergency?”. It is a myth that they know exactly where you are unless you are calling from a Land Line phone. Cell phones can only ping off of cell towers and give a close idea of where you are located, but that is not good enough if you are in a real emergency. We need to make sure your children how and where to find the address to let dispatcher know. It was recommended that a piece of mail showing your address be posted on your refrigerator and children be instructed what it is and why it is there. 

Just something to think about…..