Eat out tonight to help us raise funds for 2023 projects!

Johnnie Haynes opened the first location in 1971 and locals have been raving about it ever since. If you are new to the area or just have not made it over to the NW Expressway location, I strongly suggest you give it a try. This location has been partnering with our neighborhood association for quite some time now. On the 4th Friday of every month by eating out for lunch or dinner and letting your server know you are there to support Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association, we are raising funds for the continued improvements being made in our community.

We would like to thank you all for participating in 2022 and we hope we can get even more participation in 2023. Anyone can help eating at a locally owned restaurant that we all know and love, so don’t forget to tell your friends, family and coworkers!!

Did you miss our neighborhood meeting??

The Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association invited Chad Meisenburg of the City of Oklahoma City to be our first guest speaker of 2023. We are so thankful that Chad came to answer our questions regarding the construction happening in around our community. His insight into the timeline and planning of current OKC improvements was very helpful.

  • Construction on 82nd and Council will take roughly 3-4 months and will include a stoplight with a blinking left turn arrow to enter the neighborhood while traveling North on Council.
  • Widening of Wilshire West of the turnpike has also included a lowering of a hill for better line of sight for those turning onto Wilshire from side roads. (Turnpike bridge will continue to be narrow as it must be widened by Turnpike Authority)
  • Bridge crossing NW Expressway at Wilshire is nearly done and should be open to foot and bike traffic in roughly 3 months.
  • North bound County Line Road is getting an East bound turn lane onto NW Expressway.

Our neighborhood is located in Ward 1 and this has been one of the fastest growing areas in the OKC metro so we can expect to see these types of construction projects for the foreseeable future as new housing will bring more traffic to these intersections around the north west corner of OKC.

Martin Luther King Day

Honoring the legacy of the Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in 2023. How can we celebrate and honor the strides of not just MLK but civil rights leaders both from the past and currently shaping our country?

Learn about other civil rights figures such as the investigative journalist Ida B Wells and congressman John Lewis who expanded voting rights.

Visit a museum honoring the civil rights movement such as the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee or take a virtual reality tour like this one available through Penn State’s website.

Volunteer in your community through your local American Red Cross, send cards to deployed service members through Soldier’s Angels or donate to a coat drive like the KFOR Warmth 4 winter which has a drop off at the local Rockwell Plaza YMCA.

Our first Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Meeting of 2023!

Join us this Thursday- Jan 12th 7pm in the cafeteria at Northridge Elementary

Our Guest Speaker will be Chad Meisenburg of the City of Oklahoma City. Chad is the Bond Program Manager of the Department of Public Works. He will be updating us on what will be happening to our entrance on NW82nd street @ Council Rd (schedule, closures, left turns, traffic restrictions, etc). Bring all of your questions! You don’t want to miss it.

Over the last several years we have held our meetings on Thursday nights, but would like to find out from you if a different day of the week would be more convenient for you. Can you please respond back on what day of the week you would like to come to our meeting. Based on the majority and the school availability, we might be able to move the day for our future meetings.

Together we can make a difference! As we move forward with our 2023 goals we would like to make sure the whole community is represented. Please let us know at if you have questions you would like answered at our meeting and cannot attend. We are also looking for ideas for the future meeting speakers if you have any topics you would like to see addressed.

It is also time for 2023 membership dues. Dues will continue at $30.00 annually. You can pay via the blog by credit card, or send a check to the PO box listed below. You may also bring your check to the meeting. All paid members will receive an extra raffle ticket for door prize.  We need your support to cover the expenses such as Lawn maintenance which is the largest expense we have, but we also have a website blog, Neighbors Night Out, Post Office Box rental, and electricity bills to name a few. We currently pay the electric bill on NW82, but will soon have Harvest Hills Rd and N McKee as soon OG&E runs the line. 

PO Box 721804Oklahoma City, OK 73172

New Year New Exciting Goals

In 2022 we achieved many great things with our neighborhood association funds through both membership dues and fundraising. Here is a list of the things these funds help us achieve.

  • Landscaping 3 Entrances
  • Mowing 3 Entrances
  • Repairing Bricks at entrances
  • Website fee
  • PO Box fee
  • Neighbors Night Out Community Event

Help us get even more done in 2023 by paying your dues early in the year.

Please note that all PayPal transactions take a 3% fee out of the money submitted, so a check would be a better way to keep as much of the funds going to improvements as possible.

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2023.

Did you make New Year Resolutions? Are you feeling pressure to keep your self accountable this year? We have compiled a few tips to keep your goals in your grasp as we start the new year.

Make a SMART goal by keeping your resolution Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely

  • Specific – Being very clear on your intentions helps guide you on your path (i.e I will save $30 a week by packing my lunch/not eating out or I will go to the gym Mon Wed Fri to achieve my fitness goal)
  • Measurable – Writing down your progress helps you measure and reflect on what is going on with your new habit. (i.e. My savings goal was short this week due to a friend’s lunch invite but I intend to make up that shortfall next week by skipping my morning coffee at the drive thru)
  • Attainable – Having grand plans seems great but setting ourselves up for failure just makes us frustrated when we don’t achieve our goal. (i.e. 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy rate to shed those extra holiday pounds, so don’t set your goal as loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks)
  • Relevant – This means your goal must be tied to your values and ambitions. (i.e. if you know you are not a morning person, setting your workout time too early can be counter productive to your lifestyle)
  • Timely – A timely goal has a target date so you have something to work towards. (i.e. when will you hit your financial goal at the rate you have set to save? “My savings account will be up to $360 in 12 weeks and that will replenish my savings from Christmas spending)

Use an app or the buddy system to help keep you accountable. There are apps such as “Couch to 5k” that help you get into a fitness routine at any level. Also goal setting apps like “Strides, or Productive” may help you keep track of your progress. When enlisting the help of a friend make sure you set up “check-in’s” because we all know life gets busy and it can be a challenge to stick with and new habit

Celebrate your small success!! Setting check in’s with yourself to see your goals become a reality. After a successful week of consistent progress treat yourself to a fancy latte or a good book. This helps keep us motivated and making small progress leads to bigger milestones