Our first Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Meeting of 2023!

Join us this Thursday- Jan 12th 7pm in the cafeteria at Northridge Elementary

Our Guest Speaker will be Chad Meisenburg of the City of Oklahoma City. Chad is the Bond Program Manager of the Department of Public Works. He will be updating us on what will be happening to our entrance on NW82nd street @ Council Rd (schedule, closures, left turns, traffic restrictions, etc). Bring all of your questions! You don’t want to miss it.

Over the last several years we have held our meetings on Thursday nights, but would like to find out from you if a different day of the week would be more convenient for you. Can you please respond back on what day of the week you would like to come to our meeting. Based on the majority and the school availability, we might be able to move the day for our future meetings.

Together we can make a difference! As we move forward with our 2023 goals we would like to make sure the whole community is represented. Please let us know at harvesthillssouth@gmail.com if you have questions you would like answered at our meeting and cannot attend. We are also looking for ideas for the future meeting speakers if you have any topics you would like to see addressed.

It is also time for 2023 membership dues. Dues will continue at $30.00 annually. You can pay via the blog by credit card, or send a check to the PO box listed below. You may also bring your check to the meeting. All paid members will receive an extra raffle ticket for door prize.  We need your support to cover the expenses such as Lawn maintenance which is the largest expense we have, but we also have a website blog, Neighbors Night Out, Post Office Box rental, and electricity bills to name a few. We currently pay the electric bill on NW82, but will soon have Harvest Hills Rd and N McKee as soon OG&E runs the line. 

PO Box 721804Oklahoma City, OK 73172

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