A neighbor contacted us about product recalls. She was checking her fire extinguisher that she had purchased a long time ago and realized it had a recall back in 2017. She called the company and they sent her a new one free of charge. The date didn’t matter even though she had it for many years.

If you have one you may want to check and see if yours is on the recall list.

Any consumer products recalled can be found on this site.

Cold weather and cell phones

Did you know…….

In extreme cold weather, you should always keep your cell phones on your body. Do not leave them on the dash of your vehicle or in your purse, even if they are charged 100%. The cold weather will reduce your cell time down to 30 seconds or less.

Be safe and don’t be stranded without service.

It works the same if your phone gets too hot in the summer. It will shut down.

Ringing Door Bells

Hello Neighbors,

I have read several Nextdoor postings that homes in our neighborhood are being targeted by a group of teenagers ringing doors and pounding on doors and windows at night. If this happens, please report it to the police so this will stop! 

In the meantime, have you seen the 9PM checklist from the OKC Police Department? Every night you should review this list to keep your family and property safe. Keep an eye on your neighbor and if you see their garage door open, call them and let them know. The crime patrol does not have everyone’s contact information, so we can only notify the ones we have. Please send me a note with your contact information and I will update our records. We do not share this information with anyone. Only trained patrollers by the City of Oklahoma have access to your numbers in case of emergency.