Planning Neighbors Night Out

It’s that time again!

Last year was such a huge success with having a block party that we’ll be doing it again! We’re all ready for sno cones, s’mores, bounce house, hot dogs, games, etc…

We were thinking of starting the festivities with a bike parade for the kids! If that is something you & your child would be interested in, please email us at

If you have any ideas to contribute to this year’s event or are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us!

Dragonfly Plant Maintenance can help with your plant needs!

Ron here, co-owner of Dragonfly Plant Maintenance.

When Kevin and I were coming up with names for our new business we thought of many generic type names like Plant Helper and Plant Love and Care. Then I saw a Dragonfly in our back yard and told Kevin how about “Dragonfly Plant Maintenance”. Dragonfly spiritually means to live one’s life to the fullest, and though I’m retired I am not ready to not live my life in that way.

We live in a service aged society and we at Dragonfly Plant Maintenance want to serve you with your yard & landscaping needs. We will plant your flower beds, pots, and planters. We will even purchase these plants. Then on top of that we will care for them by watering, dead heading, weeding, and replacing any plants that may need replaced – at clients expense. Dragonfly will care for your plants (exterior or interior) while away on business or vacation, or if you just don’t have the time or the expertise to care for them. We will also landscape your yard if you’re looking for a new look or making improvements to your homes landscaping. Curb appeal is always the first thing people notice about your home, so be sure to budget for new plants, flowers, & landscaping needs.

I have over 50 years’ experience working in flower and vegetable gardens in Ok’s hot summers. I received my Master Gardeners certificate around 2000 from OSU. I also have 5 years’ experience working as a horticulturalist at a tropical plant greenhouse here in OKC. Always remember that your landscape – flowers, trees, and shrubs – is an investment to your home. If your desire is to improve your landscape and need someone to do it for you, Dragonfly Plant Maintenance is the one.

There are other areas we may eventually undertake with Dragonfly; such as caring for pets while on vacation, decorating your home seasonally for the holidays, and running errands for the elderly.

Not all people have the love for flowers and gardening as I have. But I come by it naturally, my grandfather from Leon, KA raised a half acre garden and had beautiful flower gardens and worked those gardens until he was 90 yrs. young.

So if you need some fresh ideas, come tour our yard and see what magic we can do for you in your yard. Live your life to the fullest. Call Ron at 580-821-7751 or Kevin at 405-549- 8393. Your yard can look like it belongs in a magazine like too!

Happy 4th – Enjoy a fun fact!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Fun fact: While only one US President – Calvin Coolidge – was born on the Fourth of July, three of the first five presidents died on Independence Day.

1826: Both the second & third presidents – John Adams and Adams’ political enemy, but close friend, Thomas Jefferson – die on July 4, 1826. Adams is 90. Jefferson is 83.

1831: James Monroe – the fifth president and the last who was one of the Founding Father’s – dies on July 4 at age 73