Stay Safe Today!

Bad weather has started, be safe. Take precautions.

If you can stay home DO!

If you have to be on the road, make sure you are dressed warm in case of an accident you will be out in the cold. Drive slowly and watch out for the people who think they know how to drive in this. 

Items to keep in the car:

* Keep kitty litter or sand

* Ice Scraper

* Snack and water in case stranded for long time

* Phone charger – Keep a cell phone near your body to keep charge. Don’t leave it on the dash or in your purse.

* Blanket

* Coat, Gloves, Scarf

Be cautious with portable heaters. Keep them away from curtains and do not leave them unattended.

Lastly, if you need help, reach out! Some areas may lose power today. Watch out for your neighbor! Be careful walking on your driveway.

Thank you Argonne for a good reminder walk like a penguin!

Stay Safe!

Pets and Cold Weather

Cold weather is coming, so please keep pets inside or protected from the elements.

If the temperature is 32 degrees or colder, the ordinance states dog owners cannot leave their dogs outside for more than 30 minutes. Exceptions will be made for dogs that have access to a safe, heated structure, and Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary said officers will use discretion in cases of breeds that can better tolerate cold weather.

Violations could result in up to $500 in fines, though Gary said that would be a last resort.

Vote today!

Here are the candidates.

Pick the best one!

    Carol Hefner: Hefner was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She is a board member of several nonprofits is the president of two companies, according to her social media page. Hefner boasts conservative views and says she, “will restore our values of Faith, Family and Freedom,” to Oklahoma City. Hefner previously endorsed OKC mayoral candidate Frank Urbanic before then announcing she was running herself. You can learn more about Carol Hefner here.

    David Holt (Incumbent): Holt was born and raised in Oklahoma City. He became OKC’s 36th mayor in April 2018. According to the City of OKC’s website, Holt’s philosophy “One OKC” shares the belief that OKC’s thriving environment will only continue if residents can come together, instead of focusing on things that divide us. During Holt’s time as mayor, MAPS 4 was passed, a nearly $1 billion project that boasts 16 priorities including neighborhood park upgrades and affordable housing that addresses homelessness. You can learn more about David Holt here.

    Jimmy Lawson: Lawson was born and raised in Oklahoma City. According to his website, he is the Director of Permitting Services at the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission as well as a Professor at Rose State College, where he teaches finance and economic courses. Lawson’s philosophy is people over politics, listing some of his priorities as eliminating homelessness, providing resources for OKC youth and creating equity in the criminal justice system. You can learn more about Jimmy Lawson here.

    Frank Urbanic: Urbanic is from Friendswood, Texas but is proud to call Oklahoma City home. He is a combat veteran, serving our country for 22 years, as well as an attorney, according to his website. Urbanic took on both Governor Kevin Stitt and Mayor David Holt during the COVID-19 pandemic, filing lawsuits against both for their emergency orders. Urbanic previously served as a GOP Precinct Chair, District Chair and as a member of the Oklahoma County GOP’s Executive Committee. You can learn more about Frank Urbanic here.