Best Neighbors Ever

We wanted to share a post from NextDoor by Tamra Furry about her Harvest Hills South neighbors, Mike and Terry.

It is so important to know and have a relationship with your neighbors for reasons like this, and a great way to get to know even more of your neighbors is at Neighbors Night Out TOMORROW, Tuesday, 9/14 from 6-8pm.

Shared from Tamra Furry:

I just want to give a shout out to our neighbors, Mike and Terry.  The other day our overhead garage door didn’t shut and we didn’t notice.  There was a huge gust of wind that blew open our door into the house but we were in the back of the house and didn’t notice.  Honestly, we thought the sound we heard was just the normal house creaking we sometimes get on windy days.  The noise made our dogs bark, but we hadn’t noticed that 3 of our dogs got out.  They have a doggy door so it’s not uncommon for them to come and go as they please. 

Our neighbor, Mike rang our doorbell and told us that he had never seen our dogs out front without us, this alarmed me and I quickly started taking inventory of our 4 doxies.  We had 3 in the house, but my oldest one was missing. 

Our neighbor, Terry immediately began walking the neighborhood, I promptly shot into panic mode, and my wife went looking.  Terry found her and of course she came right to him because she knows Terry well.  All 4 of our dogs are microchipped and wear collars that have our names and numbers on them for this very reason.  Had Mike not stopped and Terry not walked I fear the worst could have happened. 

It is not out of the ordinary for Mike, Terry, and 3 other neighbors to keep an eye on us, as we do their homes.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing neighbors.  Get to know your neighbors, have an emergency plan, pick a neighbor that you trust to have access to your home in case of emergency and you have pets.  This gives you such peace of mind.  We have lived in HH since 2015 and have been renting this house, but we just recently were given the option to buy this house and we closed on the 19th of August.  We feel so fortunate that we NEVER have to move now.  Thank you Mike and Terry!!

Neighbors Night Out! – Tuesday, 9/14

We are just a few days away!! Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 14th for Neighbors Night Out from 6PM-8PM.

It will be held on NW 79th Street again as a block party! Please check-in at 79th and Harvest Hills Road.

We will have food, bounce house, games and a band! Please come join us. It is free!

We are looking for any volunteers that would be able to help set up or tear down. We will start setting up at 4:15PM. If you are available, please let us know. Email to

We also have a few 30 minute slots open to run some events like the s’mores station, photo booth, or sno cones. Any assistance is always greatly appreciated!

Lastly – we are collecting cases of bottled water for our local Fire station! They do so much for our community and we want to keep them hydrated! Bring them with you and leave them at the check-in table.

We can’t wait to see you there!!

Up To No Good

(Shared from Neighborhood President, Jaci Maguire)

I hate to inform you again that there are individuals wandering our neighborhood checking for open cars again. This has been turned over to the police department and I have requested additional patrols during the early morning hours. If you recognize the individuals in the video below, please let us know or if they show up on any of your cameras.

Please keep valuables out of sight if they have to be in your vehicles. Make sure the doors are locked. Light up the neighborhood and keep your outside lights on. While out on patrol we have started to notice only a few houses have lights on at night and some streets can be very dark. Criminals don’t like lights. We have had several garage doors left open but we do not have everyone’s contact information to call you and let you know. Patrollers are not to get out of their vehicles and go to your doors. We are only allowed to call you, so please make sure we have your information. I know it happened to me when we first moved in years ago, thinking I closed the garage but something was in the way and it went back up. We were thankful, my neighbors contacted us and let us know.

We have also had several complaints about a solicitor coming by and asking information about your home and your neighbors regarding cameras. He is very aggressive and does not take no for an answer. If you do answer the door, the first thing is to ask for their permit. It is against the law in OKC to solicit without one. If they have one you can still tell them you are not interested and to leave. This individual has been reported to the police. He asks questions about who on your street does not have cameras. It is suspicious since we had not had issues until he came into the neighborhood. It could be just a coincidence. Regardless, you need to be careful and not disclose information about your home or your neighbors. They might look and act like really nice people but you never know.

Stay safe.

Eat at Johnnie’s – Today!!

Support your neighborhood just by eating!!

Come enjoy something delicious at Johnnie’s TODAY (Friday, August 27th)!!

Be sure to tell them you are there to support ‘Harvest Hills South Neighborhood’ and we will receive 20% of the proceeds!

6629 NW Expressway

Thank you for your continued support! All fundraisers and donations go towards making the neighborhood you live in a better place!

We’ll see you there!

Fundraiser at Johnnies – This Friday!!

Come join us this Friday (and every 4th Friday of the month) at Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler to support your neighborhood!

Be sure to mention that you are there to support Harvest Hills South Neighborhood, and we will receive 20% of proceeds from your order! Please tell all your friends to do the same!

The fundraiser is happening all day, so you could even go for lunch and dinner!

Johnnies Charcoal Broiler – 6629 Northwest Expressway

See you there!

Lock Your Car Doors!!

Reduce Auto Burglaries In Your Neighborhood

 (Shared from OKC Police Department)

Sadly, we at OCPD read too many Auto Burglary reports, which reflect personal property left in plain view in the victim’s unlocked car parked in their driveway overnight. Some items listed in recent reports are cash, car and house keys, wallets, purses, laptops, cell phones and chargers, government computers, personal computers, guns, and medication. The best you can do is offload your valuables and lock your car doors overnight. 

The trend is for groups of auto burglars (2 to 4 individuals) to walk driveway to driveway and lift on door handles to see which ones are unlocked. In meetings, I’ve been told by people, “If you lock your doors, they will just bust your window out.” Of course, it’s possible, but I see on the Ring Neighbors Video App, auto burglars try car doors, and if they are locked, they go to the next car until they find an unlocked vehicle and burglarize it. We hardly get auto burglary reports with an actual break-in anymore. Please remove your property from your vehicle overnight and lock your doors.         


Master Sergeant Michael W. Loruse

Police Community Relations Officer

Oklahoma City Police Department, Southwest Division  

Save the Date! – Neighbor’s Night Out – Sept 14th

Our Neighbor’s Night Out Block Party is making a return this year!! Be sure to mark your calendars to come enjoy a FREE night of food, fun, and entertainment with your Harvest Hills South neighbors!

Tuesday, September 14th 6PM – 8PM

NW 79th Street between Harvest Hills Rd and Harvest Hills S. Blvd. (We will be blocking off the street for this event)

Live Music – Returning once again, our favorite 737 Band!

  • Hot Dogs
  • Sno-Cones
  • Popcorn
  • Bounce House
  • Duck Pond
  • Basketball
  • Tattoos
  • Street Chalk
  • Corn Hole
  • Photo Booth

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteers needed for set up at 5:00pm and tear down 8:00pm on 79th Street. Please email if interested.

Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss it!!

Army Worms!

Hello Neighbors,
I am not sure if you saw the news regarding Army Worms, but they can kill off your lawn in a matter of 48hrs. It is really bad in the Edmond area right now.

We had a neighbor here in Harvest Hills South that noticed them on their lawn and we wanted to let you know. He noticed them when he picked up a cushion that had blown off the bench. When he turned it over there were 15 of them.They have very small bright green babies.

They went over to TLC on NW Expressway and were told to purchase Cyonara and spray the yard. I have attached a picture of the container. It costs $23.99 for one quart. Do not let your pets or children in the yard while wet. If you are unsure if you have them, you can spray lemon dish soap on the yard and they should then surface.   We have included pictures of the worm so you can see if you have them in your yard.

Here is what KOCO reported. The video shows the kind of damage they can create and what to do if you get them.


I hope this is helpful.