October 22, 2021 is Dine Out Harvest Hills South night!

6629 NW Expressway 405-470-0177 Open 11:00am – 9:00PM

Invite a neighbor to come with you and support Harvest Hills South this Friday at Johnnies!

Johnnie’s helps support communities. They are assisting us with our fund raising for the entrances by providing us 20% of the sales generated by supporters of Harvest Hills South during the whole day. YOU MUST TELL THE ORDER TAKER YOU ARE THERE TO SUPPORT HARVEST HILLS SOUTH or we will not get credit.

Did you know?

Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler is a piece of Oklahoma history, its long-standing roots dating back to 1971 when Johnnie Haynes opened the first location at Military Rd and Britton Rd in Oklahoma City. Today, Johnnie’s is proud to be a part of many communities in the greater Oklahoma City area serving Oklahoma families quality, fresh-made, charcoal broiled burgers.

Dine Out to Help Out - Food Bank of Lincoln
Harvest Hills South
Needs Your Support!

The first location was a drive-in with 12 car-hop stalls, 12 inside booths and inside seating capacity of 48. The restaurant moved and expanded in 1977 to the Britton Road location.

They are famous for Johnnie’s Hickory Sauce, a secret family recipe. #9 Theta Cheeseburger, #8 Old Fashioned Cheeseburger & #4 Johnnie’s Caesar Burger are fan favorites. Frankfurters, Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Platters are hearty and filling. Onion rings are sliced fresh each morning and hand battered to perfection. Deli Sandwiches, salads and soups are of the lighter variety and always a great choice. Chocolate, Banana and Coconut Cream Pies are signature recipes and the perfect ending to a great meal.

They are rated 4 stars and moderately priced.

Here is a link to the menu!


LED Outdoor Dust to Dawn Light Bulbs

Hello Neighbors!

Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association were given 25 Dust to Dawn LED light bulbs for the neighborhood from Officer Skalla at the OKC Police Department.. They are FREE to whoever would like some! It costs only pennies to leave lights on with these bulbs. It will be on the first come first serve!

Send us a note back at harvesthillssouth@gmail.com or respond to this post!

Reminder – Neighbors Dine Out – Johnnies Oct 22, 2021

Countdown to Friday, Neighbors Dine Out! Johnnies is sponsoring our Neighborhood Fundraiser. They provide us 20% of all sales generated in support of Harvest Hills South. You must let the order taker know you are there to support us or we do not get credit. Our 20% must be equal or more than $50.00 in order for us to receive a check. Also if we fall below the $50.00 for two (2) months we are out of the program. This is an easy fundraiser. We made $71 in August! We have had one strike against us for the last month. We only had $48.00, so we NEED EVERYONE TO DINE OUT! Let’s try to make $100.00! Tell all your friends!

The money will be used on our entrances. We still need to replace the plants. We are working on quotes to get landscaping bricks. The water and electricity we will work with Neighborhood Alliance to be able to provide tax deduction letters for donations, once we get all the final bids in and review. We can then share that information with you.

Hope to see you at Johnnies!

Inside the Mind of a Thief

A neighbor shared this video with us. It has some very interesting information on how your home can become a target for a thief. It is from a professional burglar who is helping law enforcement to help neighborhoods. He explains what are deterrents and what makes a good target. Listen all the way through. Neighborhood Watch programs were his biggest deterrent!

He has some really good tips if you are alone on how to answer the door. Take your cell phone to the door than state hold on someone is at my door. If the person coming to your door is up to no good the phone is a deterrent because they think you are connected to someone who can call 911 immediately if they do anything.

Keep looking out for your neighbors. If you do see things that just doesn’t look right question it! I did recently and it is better to be safe than sorry. I saw someone with car door open removing large boxes from a neighbors house. I called that neighbor to check and see if they were aware. I had never seen the car or that person in the neighborhood before. Result that person was there to pick up the packages but the neighbor thanked me for noticing.

Go out and get to know your neighbors! Recognize the cars and people that belong on your street and who doesn’t. Call 911 and report suspicious activity. You never know your report might help solve a crime or prevent one from happening.

Beware of Young Female Asking for Money

Hello Neighbors,

We have had several reports of a young dark haired female going to neighbors homes asking for money over the last few weeks. She has stated she needs money for various reasons depending on who she sees.

We have reported her to the police. They stated she has mental health issues and thinks she lives in this neighborhood.

She has gone as far as opening doors and walking into homes. Please keep your doors locked and your garage doors closed.

If you happen to see her please contact the police immediately. She was last seen carrying a small dog.

Neighborhood Watch Patrol Training

Hello Neighbors,

The OKC police are starting the Neighborhood watch training program again. If you are interested in becoming a patroller, please let us know at harvesthillssouth@gmail.com. You can register by the link below and we will meet you there on Thursday, 9/30 to go over the Harvest Hills South program.

If you can spare anytime once a week, every two weeks or even once a month, you can help! We have patrollers who patrol mornings, during the day and in the evenings. If you need a patrol buddy, we can provide that too.

We can really use your help. The current patrollers have been doing it for over 3 years.

Please make sure we have your contact information in case the patrollers see something while they are out so they can contact you. Several people leave garage doors open at night.  Your information is NOT shared outside of the patrollers.  Please consider joining and being a part.

Shared from OKCPD:

Hey Neighbor!

Did you know that you can keep your neighborhood safe from the comfort of your car??? Read on to learn more about Neighborhood Watch Patrol!

Neighborhood Watch Patrol is about neighbors partnering with the police to become trained observers and reporters in their neighborhood.

Join OKC Police Departments’ Sgt Bob Skalla and Sgt Michael Loruse, along with the Neighborhood Alliance team, to learn more about the Neighborhood Crime Watch and Neighborhood Watch Patrol programs for your neighborhood. 

This training will be offered from 6:00-7:00pm on Thursday, September 30th in North Oklahoma City and on Tuesday, November 2nd in South Oklahoma City. 

NORTH OKC-Register Now for September 30th!

SOUTH OKCRegister Now for November 2nd!

Johnnies Fundraiser – This Friday (9/24)

Reminder! Friday, September 24th from 11:00am to close at 9pm, is our “Dine Out” fundraising night. 

Be sure to stop by “Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler”  for lunch and dinner but make sure you let them know you are there to support Harvest Hills South! We receive 20% of our sales! Invite your family, friends, church group, football team, and neighbors! Johnnie’s has been gracious to allow us to have the 4th Friday of each month as a “Harvest Hills South” Dine Out night to help us raise money for our neighborhood.

Here is a link to the menu. They have a lot of great options! You can also use the drive through but you have to tell them you are supporting Harvest Hills South.
6629 NW Expressway – (405) 470-0177

Last month we received $71.40. This is a great and easy fundraiser. Please go by and support us! This money will be used for our Dream Big Projects. We still need electricity at two entrances and we need sprinklers before we can replace the bushes and landscaping that did not survive the ice storm.

Hope to see you there!

Neighbors Night Out – TODAY

The time is here!! Come join us TODAY (Tuesday night) for a fun night of food, games, and music. 🎵 Activities are 6-8pm, located on NW 79th St.

Things you need to know:

  • Check in at 79th and Harvest Hills Rd (and get a ticket for the drawing!)
  • Please don’t park on Harvest Hills Road near the event! We want to be safe and leave plenty of room for traffic.
  • Come Hungry! Free hot dogs, Popcorn, Sno-Cones, S’mores, and Watermelon! 🍉
  • Bring the Family! There will be lots of free games and activities! Bounce House, Photo Booth, chalk, horse shoes, corn hole, toy duck pond! And we plan to have a fire truck for everyone to see and take pictures with.
  • Bring your neighbors! This is a great opportunity to invite your neighbors if they aren’t already coming so that everyone can get to know each other better.
  • Live Band! Feel free to bring your lawn chairs, or we will have plenty of chairs available.

Remember that we are collecting donations of water bottles for our local fire station. Bring them with you to check-in.💧

It’s not too late to volunteer to help set up or tear down! We will start setting up at 4:15, with the event starting at 6. Email harvesthillssouth@gmail.com, if interested.

Here is a rough outline of where all the activities will be on NW 79th St:

Best Neighbors Ever

We wanted to share a post from NextDoor by Tamra Furry about her Harvest Hills South neighbors, Mike and Terry.

It is so important to know and have a relationship with your neighbors for reasons like this, and a great way to get to know even more of your neighbors is at Neighbors Night Out TOMORROW, Tuesday, 9/14 from 6-8pm.

Shared from Tamra Furry:

I just want to give a shout out to our neighbors, Mike and Terry.  The other day our overhead garage door didn’t shut and we didn’t notice.  There was a huge gust of wind that blew open our door into the house but we were in the back of the house and didn’t notice.  Honestly, we thought the sound we heard was just the normal house creaking we sometimes get on windy days.  The noise made our dogs bark, but we hadn’t noticed that 3 of our dogs got out.  They have a doggy door so it’s not uncommon for them to come and go as they please. 

Our neighbor, Mike rang our doorbell and told us that he had never seen our dogs out front without us, this alarmed me and I quickly started taking inventory of our 4 doxies.  We had 3 in the house, but my oldest one was missing. 

Our neighbor, Terry immediately began walking the neighborhood, I promptly shot into panic mode, and my wife went looking.  Terry found her and of course she came right to him because she knows Terry well.  All 4 of our dogs are microchipped and wear collars that have our names and numbers on them for this very reason.  Had Mike not stopped and Terry not walked I fear the worst could have happened. 

It is not out of the ordinary for Mike, Terry, and 3 other neighbors to keep an eye on us, as we do their homes.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing neighbors.  Get to know your neighbors, have an emergency plan, pick a neighbor that you trust to have access to your home in case of emergency and you have pets.  This gives you such peace of mind.  We have lived in HH since 2015 and have been renting this house, but we just recently were given the option to buy this house and we closed on the 19th of August.  We feel so fortunate that we NEVER have to move now.  Thank you Mike and Terry!!