How big is our neighborhood?

Did you know Harvest Hills South has 400 homes? Check out this map showing which houses are included in our voluntary neighborhood association!

This map shows the streets our Harvest Hills South Crime Watch patrols every day. This program helps us stay aware of suspicious activity in our community and allows an open communication line with our local law enforcement. Please email us at with your name and phone number so we can add your contact to the list we provide these volunteers. They will only contact you if needed, such as an open garage door.

Do you know the pedestrian code?

1. Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way on streets unless using a crosswalk at an intersection, and pedestrians must obey any signals and other signs at the intersection.

2. Pedestrians can only walk on a roadway if it’s safe and must walk facing traffic.

3. It’s illegal to jump or throw things from bridges.

4. Drivers are required to exercise due care to avoid collisions with pedestrians.

5. If there’s no crosswalk, pedestrians can only cross a street at a right angle to the curb. It’s illegal to cross two streets at once by walking diagonally across an intersection.

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