Harvest Hills South is Lighting the Way!

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I got to work this morning and had the best surprise ever! I received a copy of the letter from the City requesting additional street lights for Harvest Hills South Neighborhood!!!

Here are the locations light poles will be installed!

  1. Azalea Avenue and NW82nds Street, at the intersectionlight pole
  2. Harvest Moon Road and NW 78th Terrace, at the intersection
  3. Debar Circle and NW78th Terrace, at the intersection
  4. Harvest Hills Road and NW 78th Terrace, at the intersection
  5. 8303 NW78th Terrace, at the dead end
  6. Harvest Moon Road and NW 81st Street, at the intersection
  7. Between 8000 and 8001 Tammy Circle, in the cul-de-sac
  8. Harvest Hills Road and NW 80th Street, at the intersection

I also followed up on the repairs for the street lights on Harvest Moon and the ticket is still open and they are working the issue. I will keep following up on it.

I also turned in a ticket for the light at NW 86th and McKee that is on 24hrs a day. They will have someone come out and check on it too.

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association. If you have paid your annual dues, THANK YOU! If not, please click on the PayPal link. Dues are $30.00 annually and that will help us do GREAT things for this neighborhood.

Harvest Hills South is Dreaming Big! Look out crime we are lighting things up!