Did you know……

Street light poles.jpgHarvest Hills South will be seeing the light soon! Street light poles have been set up for six out of the eight lights promised! They are still working on the remaining two.

They just need to finish connecting the electricity to those six and we will soon seeing the light!

We are still working on our membership drive. We currently have 83 paid members and over half way to our goal of 150! Please help us get there! Please help support the neighborhood and send in your dues today! It is only $30.00 a year! Membership 2018

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.



3 thoughts on “Did you know……

  1. Message indicted we have not payed our dues. We sent a check for $50 a few weeks ago.

    You all are doing a great job.

    Dean Ritter


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