Look what’s coming….Sign Toppers

We picked up the sign toppers today. They are 31″ x 9″ and printed on both sides.

Harvest Hills South Sign.jpg



In case you are not familiar with Sign Toppers, they are hung above the street signs to provide a neighborhood designation. You may have seen them in other neighborhoods like Nichols Hills or Military Park.


They will be delivered to the City Traffic Management Department tomorrow and then The City will contact us when they are ready to install. First they will come through the neighborhood and provide a fire grid. In doing the fire grid, the City looks at every existing street sign and if it is damaged or faded in anyway, they will replace the signs while they install our sign topper. This will provide a new look to Harvest Hills South. We realize there are several street signs, that you can not even read the names. All of those will be replaced!

This is just one of our “Dream Big” projects we want to complete for the neighborhood. If you are not already a member, please consider joining us today. We need your support, the membership dues are only $30.00 annually.

You can pay via PayPal on this website or you can send a check to the PO box listed below. Here are a few reminders of what the neighborhood association has been doing and what things your dues allow us to take care.

Membership 2018

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.






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