Benefit Night at Hideaway Pizza!

Harvest Hills South benefit night this Wednesday September 9th at Hideaway Pizza! This is a great way to help support your neighborhood & fund the rebuilding of our entrance!

If you choose to dine in, they are social distancing their tables so every other table is not available and they are not seating parties larger than 10 people together. They are however including their carry out and curbside business in benefit nights! Customers that want to be counted as part of the benefit night must notify their cashier or their server if they are dining in that they are part of the benefit night for Harvest Hills South. If you purchase online and pre-pay, you will need to tell the person that brings you your food at the curb that you are participating in the Harvest Hills South benefit night so they can mark that check and include it in the tally.

Spread the word! And thank you for supporting Harvest Hills South!