Army Worms!

Hello Neighbors,
I am not sure if you saw the news regarding Army Worms, but they can kill off your lawn in a matter of 48hrs. It is really bad in the Edmond area right now.

We had a neighbor here in Harvest Hills South that noticed them on their lawn and we wanted to let you know. He noticed them when he picked up a cushion that had blown off the bench. When he turned it over there were 15 of them.They have very small bright green babies.

They went over to TLC on NW Expressway and were told to purchase Cyonara and spray the yard. I have attached a picture of the container. It costs $23.99 for one quart. Do not let your pets or children in the yard while wet. If you are unsure if you have them, you can spray lemon dish soap on the yard and they should then surface.   We have included pictures of the worm so you can see if you have them in your yard.

Here is what KOCO reported. The video shows the kind of damage they can create and what to do if you get them.


I hope this is helpful.

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