Lock Your Car Doors!!

Reduce Auto Burglaries In Your Neighborhood

 (Shared from OKC Police Department)

Sadly, we at OCPD read too many Auto Burglary reports, which reflect personal property left in plain view in the victim’s unlocked car parked in their driveway overnight. Some items listed in recent reports are cash, car and house keys, wallets, purses, laptops, cell phones and chargers, government computers, personal computers, guns, and medication. The best you can do is offload your valuables and lock your car doors overnight. 

The trend is for groups of auto burglars (2 to 4 individuals) to walk driveway to driveway and lift on door handles to see which ones are unlocked. In meetings, I’ve been told by people, “If you lock your doors, they will just bust your window out.” Of course, it’s possible, but I see on the Ring Neighbors Video App, auto burglars try car doors, and if they are locked, they go to the next car until they find an unlocked vehicle and burglarize it. We hardly get auto burglary reports with an actual break-in anymore. Please remove your property from your vehicle overnight and lock your doors.         


Master Sergeant Michael W. Loruse

Police Community Relations Officer

Oklahoma City Police Department, Southwest Division


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