Reminder – Neighbors Dine Out – Johnnies Oct 22, 2021

Countdown to Friday, Neighbors Dine Out! Johnnies is sponsoring our Neighborhood Fundraiser. They provide us 20% of all sales generated in support of Harvest Hills South. You must let the order taker know you are there to support us or we do not get credit. Our 20% must be equal or more than $50.00 in order for us to receive a check. Also if we fall below the $50.00 for two (2) months we are out of the program. This is an easy fundraiser. We made $71 in August! We have had one strike against us for the last month. We only had $48.00, so we NEED EVERYONE TO DINE OUT! Let’s try to make $100.00! Tell all your friends!

The money will be used on our entrances. We still need to replace the plants. We are working on quotes to get landscaping bricks. The water and electricity we will work with Neighborhood Alliance to be able to provide tax deduction letters for donations, once we get all the final bids in and review. We can then share that information with you.

Hope to see you at Johnnies!

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