Happy Halloween!

OKC and Harvest Hills South will be celebrating Halloween on October 31, 2021. Please leave your outside lights on if you plan to give out candy. Here is some Halloween Safety for the little ones.

Convenient Urgent Care in Your Neighborhood

1). If you have small children, make sure their masks do not infringe on their vision, so they do not stumble or fall.
2). If you are out after dark, please bring a flashlight with you, so cars can see you if you are in the street, since Harvest Hills South does not have sidewalks.
3). Please be respectful to the neighborhood and do not leave candy wrappers or trash along your way.4). Neighbors if you do not want to participate, please turn off your porch lights, so the children will know which houses are participating.
5). Have fun and don’t get too scared…….BOO!

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