Board Members 2022 Election Results and Meeting Topics Discussed

Hello Neighbors,

For those of you unable to attend Thursday night, here are the new Board Members that have agreed to take on their roles for a 2 yr term!

Ron Kister – 1st Vice President

Karen Litteral – Secretary

Sarah Weaver – Newsletter and Social Media

Welcome Committee – Position still open if anyone is interested. We are working to better define this role. If you have any ideas, please share them with us.

If you are interested in volunteering, we are looking for a chairperson for a new initiative called “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. In addition, we always have block captain/alternate positions available as well as crime patrol. Email us at if interested.

We are looking into other fund raising activities for our Dream Big projects. I hope you have liked what we have done so far. We just finished getting the garden areas framed out at the last two entrances. There is more to come!

Harvest Hills Road at Wilshire Blvd.
N McKee Rd at Wilshire

Other topics discussed were maybe getting each block to sponsor an event to get people out and together again. Maybe play lawn darts, bingo, board games or just sit and have lemonade, ice cream or snowcones and actually talk to neighbors just as some ideas! The blocks would sponsor the events one at a time, so all can participate.

Please consider joining today! You can click on the donate link and pay by credit card/PayPal or you can send a check to PO Box 721804, OKC, OK 73172.

We still need your support through your membership or donations. It is STILL only $30.00 annually. It is getting time for us to start doing more mowing and we will need your support. Our goal is to have 152 households. We only have 80 paid members which is just over 50% of our goal. We need your support for us to continue to do great things. Please consider supporting your neighborhood today!

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