Last Chance for 2022 Membership Dues

Just a reminder as 2022 comes to a close, we depend on your support for our ongoing improvements to the neighborhood. Did you remember to pay your dues in 2022?? If not please reach out to us as your contribution each year allows us to accomplish many things!

Dues cover our neighborhood expenses from January – December each year.

When are my neighborhood dues to be paid? We would love it if all dues were paid at the start of the calendar year but we understand that life gets busy sometimes. Please consider paying as early in the year as your budget will allow so that we can make great plans for the upcoming years improvements.

What do my dues pay for? Mowing and Landscaping at our Entrances, Website, Post Office Box Rental, Electric Bills for Lighting at Entrances and Events like Neighbors Night Out.

What is the neighborhood association currently working on? Electrical boxes are now installed at Harvest Hills Rd entrance and N McKee Blvd entrance. We are waiting for OG & E and we should have lights before the end of the year! This is all possible with the neighborhood’s support. Please help support the neighborhood!