Garage Sale Update

It was a great day yesterday, at the garage sale. We were able to make $1255.00 for the neighborhood from all the donations we were able to sell! We hope to have another great day today!!!! All of these proceeds go towards entrances.

Harvest Hills South also had a great Johnnie’s Dine Out day! I don’t know all the final numbers, but when we went at 7pm we had 2 columns of sales! This is FREE money to the neighborhood just for going out to eat! I am looking at other restaurants that do the same program to give us a variety. We all have to eat!

I would like to send a special “Thank You” to the neighborhood for all of your support! We have some really great neighbors that got up early to help set up and work the garage sale all day and others that sent in donations. All of your support is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!


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