Garage Sale Update

We had a very SUCCESSFUL 2 days at our Garage Sale!

Thank you ALL for your support! We COULD NOT have done this without ALL the Volunteers, ALL of the Donations and Neighborhood Support! I must say, I am glad all the items are now out of my house! I could only imagine what some neighbors were thinking seeing truck loads of items coming to my house. I kept watching for TV cameras to come and start filming a hoarding intervention!

Drum Roll please!!

Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association made $1,255.00 on Friday and $521.85 on Saturday for a Grand Total of $1,776.85 and in the process, met and Welcomed several New Neighbors to the neighborhood!

I hope all the volunteers take it easy today and rest up. I know I am. I recovering from the sun burn and sore feet from walking. I did not expect to walk 10 miles a day and never leave the front yard!

Watch for GREAT things to keep happening in Harvest Hills South neighborhood!

If you have not joined the Association yet, please consider. Membership goes to pay for regular expenses and with the help of these fund raisers make it possible for “Dream Big” projects to happen! Membership is still only $30.00 a year!

Please join today!

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