Messages about safety from OKC PD

Secure Your Bicycle

The Oklahoma City Police Department recovers hundreds of bicycles each year.  Few are ever returned to the rightful owner.  The biggest problem is very few people write down the serial number of the bicycle.  The serial number can usually be found on the bottom bracket, where the crankset/pedals are located.  If your bicycle is stolen, give this information, along with the Make and Model, to the Police, who will enter your bike’s serial number into the stolen property database. 

Of course, the best scenario is to not have your bicycle stolen.  Bring it inside or have a good lock.  U-Locks, provide great protection.  By utilizing the “triangle” method, you secure the bike’s rear frame, rear wheel, and the bike rack/pole.  Adding a cable lock allows you to secure the front wheel and frame and connect to the U-lock.  If you have to leave it outside, secure it in a well-lit area and if possible, in view of a CCTV camera in the area. 

Having a picture of your bike is also helpful.  There are apps and websites, like where you can register your bicycle’s information.  And remember, always report any property stolen to your local police department. 


Master Sergeant L. Dean Wyatt 

Police Community Relations Officer 

Oklahoma City Police Department, Southwest Division  

Tips on Parking Lot Safety

  • Beware of your surroundings
  • Keep doors locked at all times
  • DO NOT leave valuables in Vehicle this includes change, cell phones, or even gym bags
  • Be alert and avoid distractions going and coming into store
  • When going out to vehicle pay attention and look inside and around vehicle
  • If you cannot remember where you parked go back inside and ask for clerk too help you
  • Lock doors once inside your vehicle and drive away immediately
  • If you think someone is following you call 911 Immediately DO NOT drive to your house


Sheryl Presley

Triad Coordinator

Oklahoma City Police Department


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