Crime Patrol Training: Sept 29th

Neighborhood Watch Patrol Training
We need more volunteers!

Did you know that you can keep your neighborhood safe from the comfort of your car? Read on to learn more about  Neighborhood  Watch Patrol!
Neighborhood Watch Patrol is about neighbors partnering with the police to become trained observers and reporters in their neighborhoods.
Join OKC Police Departments’ Master Sergeant Dean Wyatt and the Neighborhood Alliance team to learn more about your neighborhood’s Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Watch Patrol programs. 
This training will be offered from
Thursday, Sept. 29th from 6:30-7:30 PM at
OCPD Southwest Division
5501 S Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(A light dinner will be served)
Registration is required to attend. 
Please register now by clicking HERE.

Crime Patrol Volunteer- Harvest Hills South

Please let us know if you can spare a couple hours a week or month to help protect Harvest Hills South. We have people who can partner with you if needed. We have lost several patrollers due to illness and some have moved out of the neighborhood, so we really need your support. Let us know after you register and one of our patrollers will meet you there.

  • flexible with the scheduling- mornings, afternoon and evening shifts available.

How can we all help

  • Keep your outside lights on at night. Several streets are very dark and welcoming to crime.
  • Make sure we have your contact phone numbers, so the patrollers can call you if you have your garage door open at night.
  • Practice the 9pm rule. At 9pm, you check to make sure your garage and doors are closed and locked.
  • Look at your neighbors across from you to see if theirs is closed too. If theirs are open, call and let them know.

Let’s help protect each other.

Messages about safety from OKC PD

Secure Your Bicycle

The Oklahoma City Police Department recovers hundreds of bicycles each year.  Few are ever returned to the rightful owner.  The biggest problem is very few people write down the serial number of the bicycle.  The serial number can usually be found on the bottom bracket, where the crankset/pedals are located.  If your bicycle is stolen, give this information, along with the Make and Model, to the Police, who will enter your bike’s serial number into the stolen property database. 

Of course, the best scenario is to not have your bicycle stolen.  Bring it inside or have a good lock.  U-Locks, provide great protection.  By utilizing the “triangle” method, you secure the bike’s rear frame, rear wheel, and the bike rack/pole.  Adding a cable lock allows you to secure the front wheel and frame and connect to the U-lock.  If you have to leave it outside, secure it in a well-lit area and if possible, in view of a CCTV camera in the area. 

Having a picture of your bike is also helpful.  There are apps and websites, like where you can register your bicycle’s information.  And remember, always report any property stolen to your local police department. 


Master Sergeant L. Dean Wyatt 

Police Community Relations Officer 

Oklahoma City Police Department, Southwest Division  

Tips on Parking Lot Safety

  • Beware of your surroundings
  • Keep doors locked at all times
  • DO NOT leave valuables in Vehicle this includes change, cell phones, or even gym bags
  • Be alert and avoid distractions going and coming into store
  • When going out to vehicle pay attention and look inside and around vehicle
  • If you cannot remember where you parked go back inside and ask for clerk too help you
  • Lock doors once inside your vehicle and drive away immediately
  • If you think someone is following you call 911 Immediately DO NOT drive to your house


Sheryl Presley

Triad Coordinator

Oklahoma City Police Department


Beware of Young Female Asking for Money

Hello Neighbors,

We have had several reports of a young dark haired female going to neighbors homes asking for money over the last few weeks. She has stated she needs money for various reasons depending on who she sees.

We have reported her to the police. They stated she has mental health issues and thinks she lives in this neighborhood.

She has gone as far as opening doors and walking into homes. Please keep your doors locked and your garage doors closed.

If you happen to see her please contact the police immediately. She was last seen carrying a small dog.

Neighborhood Watch Patrol Training

Hello Neighbors,

The OKC police are starting the Neighborhood watch training program again. If you are interested in becoming a patroller, please let us know at You can register by the link below and we will meet you there on Thursday, 9/30 to go over the Harvest Hills South program.

If you can spare anytime once a week, every two weeks or even once a month, you can help! We have patrollers who patrol mornings, during the day and in the evenings. If you need a patrol buddy, we can provide that too.

We can really use your help. The current patrollers have been doing it for over 3 years.

Please make sure we have your contact information in case the patrollers see something while they are out so they can contact you. Several people leave garage doors open at night.  Your information is NOT shared outside of the patrollers.  Please consider joining and being a part.

Shared from OKCPD:

Hey Neighbor!

Did you know that you can keep your neighborhood safe from the comfort of your car??? Read on to learn more about Neighborhood Watch Patrol!

Neighborhood Watch Patrol is about neighbors partnering with the police to become trained observers and reporters in their neighborhood.

Join OKC Police Departments’ Sgt Bob Skalla and Sgt Michael Loruse, along with the Neighborhood Alliance team, to learn more about the Neighborhood Crime Watch and Neighborhood Watch Patrol programs for your neighborhood. 

This training will be offered from 6:00-7:00pm on Thursday, September 30th in North Oklahoma City and on Tuesday, November 2nd in South Oklahoma City. 

NORTH OKC-Register Now for September 30th!

SOUTH OKCRegister Now for November 2nd!

Up To No Good

(Shared from Neighborhood President, Jaci Maguire)

I hate to inform you again that there are individuals wandering our neighborhood checking for open cars again. This has been turned over to the police department and I have requested additional patrols during the early morning hours. If you recognize the individuals in the video below, please let us know or if they show up on any of your cameras.

Please keep valuables out of sight if they have to be in your vehicles. Make sure the doors are locked. Light up the neighborhood and keep your outside lights on. While out on patrol we have started to notice only a few houses have lights on at night and some streets can be very dark. Criminals don’t like lights. We have had several garage doors left open but we do not have everyone’s contact information to call you and let you know. Patrollers are not to get out of their vehicles and go to your doors. We are only allowed to call you, so please make sure we have your information. I know it happened to me when we first moved in years ago, thinking I closed the garage but something was in the way and it went back up. We were thankful, my neighbors contacted us and let us know.

We have also had several complaints about a solicitor coming by and asking information about your home and your neighbors regarding cameras. He is very aggressive and does not take no for an answer. If you do answer the door, the first thing is to ask for their permit. It is against the law in OKC to solicit without one. If they have one you can still tell them you are not interested and to leave. This individual has been reported to the police. He asks questions about who on your street does not have cameras. It is suspicious since we had not had issues until he came into the neighborhood. It could be just a coincidence. Regardless, you need to be careful and not disclose information about your home or your neighbors. They might look and act like really nice people but you never know.

Stay safe.

Crime Patrol Set Up Meeting

Reminder: Crime Patrol meeting at 8204 NW 79th Street at 7:00pm. 

More volunteers are still needed. At the meeting, we will be discussing setting up our patrol and schedules before going to the training class on April 2, 2018 at Hefner PD.


Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.


Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association 1st meeting of 2018

We had an excellent general meeting Thursday evening and we wanted to share with those of you who could not attend.

The agenda of the evening revolved around crime prevention and neighbor participation in crime watch activities. There were 51 of your neighbors in attendance!! In addition, we were joined by MSgt Robert “Officer Bob” Skalla with the Hefner Division of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Click on the link below for a copy of the presentation. Read about the success story of 79th Street neighbors coming together and “Dreaming Big” and getting a Street Light installed! More information to come on how we can “light up the neighborhood” with additional street lights, sign toppers and improvements.

HHSNA March Meeting

Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 10th and Officer Bob will be back to share more information on Active Shooter Training and protection.


We are still needing additional volunteers for the Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol. We are getting the training classes set up. We would like to get the class scheduled by April.
Crime Patrol
We are also needing additional volunteers for Block Captains. We would like to have a volunteer for each street. We had several volunteers sign up at the meeting but we need more!
Please email us at and volunteer today!
We need you
Also at our May 10th meeting, we will be electing officers.
The following positions will be up for re-election. Please consider running for one of these positions and then come out and cast your vote!
1st Vice President
  • Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • He/she shall fill, by succession the vacancy of President in the case of resignation.
  • Schedule, reserve and arrange neighborhood meeting facility
  • Sign checks as required
  • Keep and distribute minutes of the association and executive board meetings
  • Keep archive of association documentation as appropriate
Newsletter/website editor
  • Prepare newsletter prior to each neighborhood meeting as needed
  • Coordinate printing of newsletter as needed
  • Distribute newsletter to Block Captain Chairperson as needed
  • Post an electronic copy of the newsletter to the website
  • E-mail newsletters to interested city officials and local neighborhood organizations as needed
  • Maintain and update neighborhood website
Our annual membership drive will begin April 21st. You can sign up and pay dues per the PayPal link on the top right hand side of this page . Membership is $30.00 annually.

HHSNA First Meeting of 2018, Thursday, March 15th 7:00PM


HHSNA will hold our first meeting of 2018, Thursday, March 15th

Northridge Elementary School
7:00 p.m.
Over the last several months, Harvest Hills South has experienced vandalism, break-ins and other issues.  We have heard from several of you and have decided to address these issues.
According to the OKC Police and Neighborhood Alliance, Harvest Hills South has a low crime rate compared to other neighborhoods in the general area.  Something we must keep in mind is that we live in a very large metropolitan city.  As a nice middle class neighborhood we are prone to be targeted by criminals because we are perceived to be easy targets.  Complacency, a feeling that no one will hit us or someone else will take care of the issue, has been and continues to be a problem in our neighborhood.  We are all neighbors and need each others help.
At our meeting, we plan to address these issues and how to combat the problem.  I strongly encourage you and your neighbors to attend this very important meeting.  Without your interest and help, we cannot move forward.  Moving forward, our theme will be “TAKE BACK OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!”
Sandy Payne, President