Recent Abduction post on Nextdoor

Hello Neighbors,

I am not sure if you saw the post regarding an abduction that supposedly happened at Harvest Hills Rd and Wilshire. This post was placed on Nextdoor. I was very concerned and contacted the police department to get details since it is in our neighborhood. I was told that we are safe and that the post has little merit. I do have details, but I am not in a position to release that information, but rest assured we are safe and no one is trying to abduct anyone in the neighborhood.

If you ever have any concerns about things you see posted about our neighborhood, please let me know, so I can find out the true facts. Not everything posted on the internet is true and this is not the first time someone has posted something on Nextdoor about Harvest Hills South. We need to be careful when posting and responding to these types of posts. Sometimes people post these things with good intentions, but it is hearsay and they do not know all the facts, so it causes people to react and draw conclusions when it is not warranted. The story then grows and grows. This is why you are not seeing it on the news.

Sometimes people post things just to get a reaction. They want to scare people, thinking it is fun. I will be the first to notify the neighborhood when there is something of concern regarding Harvest Hills South. If you ever witness anything you need to call 911 immediately before you post anything anywhere. 

We are also getting closer to the holidays and need to be aware that people will try to tug at heart strings to gain your trust and your money. Times are changing and not always for the better. Please just beware.

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