Help Wanted: Neighborhood Crime Patrol

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! The current patrollers have been patrolling for more than four years. We have lost several patrollers due to moving out the neighborhood, health reasons and changes in Job responsibilities. We have been very fortunate that over the years we have minimized REPORTED crime.

Contact us:

Neighborhood Crime Patrol

   Help us keep an eye on each other by volunteering for 1 or 2 shifts a month. These are done 3 times a day and take roughly an hour.

   If you are interested in helping us with a morning, evening, or night shift please reach out for more information.

Crime Patrol Training: Sept 29th

Neighborhood Watch Patrol Training
We need more volunteers!

Did you know that you can keep your neighborhood safe from the comfort of your car? Read on to learn more about  Neighborhood  Watch Patrol!
Neighborhood Watch Patrol is about neighbors partnering with the police to become trained observers and reporters in their neighborhoods.
Join OKC Police Departments’ Master Sergeant Dean Wyatt and the Neighborhood Alliance team to learn more about your neighborhood’s Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Watch Patrol programs. 
This training will be offered from
Thursday, Sept. 29th from 6:30-7:30 PM at
OCPD Southwest Division
5501 S Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(A light dinner will be served)
Registration is required to attend. 
Please register now by clicking HERE.

Crime Patrol Volunteer- Harvest Hills South

Please let us know if you can spare a couple hours a week or month to help protect Harvest Hills South. We have people who can partner with you if needed. We have lost several patrollers due to illness and some have moved out of the neighborhood, so we really need your support. Let us know after you register and one of our patrollers will meet you there.

  • flexible with the scheduling- mornings, afternoon and evening shifts available.

How can we all help

  • Keep your outside lights on at night. Several streets are very dark and welcoming to crime.
  • Make sure we have your contact phone numbers, so the patrollers can call you if you have your garage door open at night.
  • Practice the 9pm rule. At 9pm, you check to make sure your garage and doors are closed and locked.
  • Look at your neighbors across from you to see if theirs is closed too. If theirs are open, call and let them know.

Let’s help protect each other.

Neighborhood Watch Patrol Training

Hello Neighbors,

The OKC police are starting the Neighborhood watch training program again. If you are interested in becoming a patroller, please let us know at You can register by the link below and we will meet you there on Thursday, 9/30 to go over the Harvest Hills South program.

If you can spare anytime once a week, every two weeks or even once a month, you can help! We have patrollers who patrol mornings, during the day and in the evenings. If you need a patrol buddy, we can provide that too.

We can really use your help. The current patrollers have been doing it for over 3 years.

Please make sure we have your contact information in case the patrollers see something while they are out so they can contact you. Several people leave garage doors open at night.  Your information is NOT shared outside of the patrollers.  Please consider joining and being a part.

Shared from OKCPD:

Hey Neighbor!

Did you know that you can keep your neighborhood safe from the comfort of your car??? Read on to learn more about Neighborhood Watch Patrol!

Neighborhood Watch Patrol is about neighbors partnering with the police to become trained observers and reporters in their neighborhood.

Join OKC Police Departments’ Sgt Bob Skalla and Sgt Michael Loruse, along with the Neighborhood Alliance team, to learn more about the Neighborhood Crime Watch and Neighborhood Watch Patrol programs for your neighborhood. 

This training will be offered from 6:00-7:00pm on Thursday, September 30th in North Oklahoma City and on Tuesday, November 2nd in South Oklahoma City. 

NORTH OKC-Register Now for September 30th!

SOUTH OKCRegister Now for November 2nd!

Up To No Good

(Shared from Neighborhood President, Jaci Maguire)

I hate to inform you again that there are individuals wandering our neighborhood checking for open cars again. This has been turned over to the police department and I have requested additional patrols during the early morning hours. If you recognize the individuals in the video below, please let us know or if they show up on any of your cameras.

Please keep valuables out of sight if they have to be in your vehicles. Make sure the doors are locked. Light up the neighborhood and keep your outside lights on. While out on patrol we have started to notice only a few houses have lights on at night and some streets can be very dark. Criminals don’t like lights. We have had several garage doors left open but we do not have everyone’s contact information to call you and let you know. Patrollers are not to get out of their vehicles and go to your doors. We are only allowed to call you, so please make sure we have your information. I know it happened to me when we first moved in years ago, thinking I closed the garage but something was in the way and it went back up. We were thankful, my neighbors contacted us and let us know.

We have also had several complaints about a solicitor coming by and asking information about your home and your neighbors regarding cameras. He is very aggressive and does not take no for an answer. If you do answer the door, the first thing is to ask for their permit. It is against the law in OKC to solicit without one. If they have one you can still tell them you are not interested and to leave. This individual has been reported to the police. He asks questions about who on your street does not have cameras. It is suspicious since we had not had issues until he came into the neighborhood. It could be just a coincidence. Regardless, you need to be careful and not disclose information about your home or your neighbors. They might look and act like really nice people but you never know.

Stay safe.

Meeting Minutes

Here is a copy of the meeting minutes that were sent via email yesterday. If you are not on the distribution, please respond to this blog  post and let us know to add you.

We had one door prize that was for EVERYONE! has provided us a promo code discount in the amount of $25.00 if you would like to purchase any of the door bells or security cameras. They have a lot to choose from.

Click on the link below to take advantage of the $25.00 discount. 

Use promo code 6HarvestHillsSouth.


Please join us at our next meeting and maybe you will win one of our door prizes! We look forward to meeting you!


Here is the meeting minutes summary of the General Meeting that took place last night May 17, 2018.

Active Shooting Training

We had an excellent session provided by Officer Bob Skalla on Active Shooter and Threat Awareness Training. We had 37 neighbors in attendance. It could not have come soon enough with another school shooting today in Texas. It is happening more and more. It is hoped that you learned some valuable tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe. We will be scanning a copy of the handouts and post an electronic copy on the Association website and our Facebook page.


Crime Patrol

Crime PatrolThe neighborhood voted to start the Crime Patrol. Twelve people have been trained by the OKCPD Hefner Division. Patrols started today. Be on the watch for vehicles with a flashing amber light and crime patrol magnetic signs on the vehicles. They are there to provide additional eyes for the police department. They will take note of things in the neighborhood, for example, if you forget to close your garage door they will call you to notify you. They will also report street light outage and any suspicious behavior.

Sign Toppers

We also talked about the Sign Toppers and the cost difference between multi-color with the wheat logo versus solid color. The board agreed to pay for the toppers to be installed by the city on all street signs within our fire grid. The city will also replace any damaged street signs while doing the installation of the toppers. We will receive new street signs where you are unable to read them (example 80th and Harvest Moon).


We have 51 paid members and will be sending out information soon for a membership drive. We need to increase our membership in order to meet the current obligations of the neighborhood. Please consider mailing in your payment of $30 or going to our website and pay via PayPal link. We need your support!Membership


Elections took place and the following people were elected as new board members.

President – Jaci Maguire

1st Vice President – Tom Maguire

Secretary – Becky Hahl

Social Media/Communications – Stephanie Hiemstra

Block Captain Chairperson – Lisa Ann Bergerthank you

We want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Sandy Payne, Lavert Mitchell, Linda Weston and Linda Allen for their dedication, hard work and support they have provided over the years to this neighborhood. They were responsible for providing this neighborhood with the Neighbors Nite Out activities, Garage Sale, Santa Ride, newsletters and all the other activities here at Harvest Hills South.

Door Prizes

Door prizes were handled out for The Garage Burgers, Toby Keith, ½ off Oil change at Firestone, Hefner Grill, Cowboy Museum, Art Museum, OKC Dodgers Fun Pack and Ranch Steakhouse. Pictures of the winners will be posted to the website and Facebook soon!


Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.




Community Behind Us

We want to give a big shout out to Pep Boys on NW Expressway!

Pep Boys

amber lightWe told our story to them on how Harvest Hills South is coming together as a neighborhood. They graciously donated an amber light and spotlight to used for our Crime Patrol. They thought it is great that we are getting to know our neighbors and that we want our neighborhood to be a safe place.

Harvest Hills South wants to Thank You Pep Boys for your support.

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.




Crime Watch Patrol Training Monday 6:30PM – Join us

Crime Watch PatrolWe still need more volunteers to join us for the Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol. If you are interested in being a part of our group, please meet us at the Hefner Rd Police Department. Training is at 6:30-7:30PM Monday night.

This training is sponsored  by Neighborhood Alliance and the Hefner Road Division Police Department.


The sooner we complete training the sooner we can start to schedule our patrols!

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Hills South Neighborhood Association.